About Brighton Body Casting

Founded in 2006 by fine artist and sculptor Jamie McCartney, Brighton Body Casting has rapidly become the premiere body casting service in the UK. Having won several awards we are recognised around the world for producing work of the absolute highest possible quality.

Jamie now concentrates on his fine art projects but still works from his Brighton studio overseeing the body casting work carried out by a close band of highly skilled assistants.

From humble beginnings has grown a highly successful business. Jamie began taking casts of himself in wax as part of his Experimental Studio Art degree at the University of Hartford in the USA, being awarded a Bachelor of Fine Art Summa Cum Laude (with highest honours).

However it was whilst working in SFX that Jamie learned to make body casts to the exacting standards required by the film industry. He cast stars such as Jackie Chan and worked on epics such as Casino Royale, Blackhawk Down and V for Vendetta.

Realising the potential for this process to be used for portraiture Jamie began offering his services to the public from his garden shed in London, in between working on films. After winning a large commission for a new London sex museum he moved to Brighton to afford more space to work. It was at this time he decided not to return to the film business or to London. He set up Brighton Body Casting on the seafront and the rest, as they say, is history.

TV companies flocked to Brighton to film this unusual business in these famously beautiful artist’s arches with panoramic sea views. A victim of his own success Jamie had to move to a new studio in the South Lanes shopping district to accommodate the growing business. “The view may not be as good but open arches were no place to cast naked ladies in mid-winter”, Jamie wryly quips.

Often seen driving around town in his eccentric custom pink East German Trabant, Jamie has become one of Brighton’s best loved artists and one of the city’s well known characters. Having succeeded at establishing a new art business in an unknown marketplace, Jamie’s motto is “if you build it they will come”. He was right.