About Body Casting

Body casting, also known as lifecasting, is the process of taking a mould directly from the body to produce a sculpture as accurate as a photograph.

Making the mould takes only a few minutes and uses safe, tried and trusted materials. Lips, faces, hands, busts, boobs, bums, torsos or complete body moulds can be made to produce unique personal sculptures.

Like a photo, the cast can be enhanced to bring out your favourite features. You can retain the incredibly fine surface detail or smooth it down to a beautiful soft finish. Anything unwanted can be removed in the process. There is always the option of being cast in clothes or sexy underwear if you don't think nude is your best look.

In the right hands, body casting is a dramatic sculpting technique which has a long history and an established following. From masters like Rodin to modern artists like Anthony Gormley, life casting has been an essential part of their art. Just like portrait photography, lifecasting is so much more than simply copying the body. It is instead another tool for the artist to capture his subject. The process lends itself perfectly to portrait sculpture and it can be used to great effect to portray clients in a wonderful, vital way.

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